The International Partnership for La Gonave (IPLG) is an organization of people in Haiti and the U.S. who have made a long-term commitment to improving life on the island of La Gonave, Haiti, by sharing knowledge, talents and resources with one another. The overall    vision is to restore La Gonave to the environmental paradise that it once was, and to provide health, educational, and economic opportunities so that all the inhabitants of the island might live in dignity.

The IPLG facilitates the work of organizations, groups and individuals on La Gonave through a variety of means:

  • Acts as a clearinghouse for information and resources
  • Encourages discussion among the various groups and individuals
  • Organizes regular meetings and conferences to establish and address goals
  • Publishes a regular newsletter to keep all members informed of projects and activities
  • Coordinates and carries out projects, and
  • Investigates creative solutions to problems on the island.

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